Cajun Shrimps

Cajun Shrimps sounds just about right yeah?! I just love my shrimps and came across this recipe with Cajun seasoning, needed to try this out! Also did an Interview with Luca Neutze of Simply Delish Eats. An amazing foodblog! The interview is below the Recipe!

This time with the Recipe swap club, we will make it a bit more personal then before. Instead of only recreate a recipe of an fellow food blogger, we also do a short interview so you get a better vision of the person behind the blog. Sounds fun right!

This month I was given the chance to recreate one of the many great and tasty recipes of Luca.

To see Luca’s take on my Jack&Coke marinated Ribs as well as her interview/story about me, click here! 


  • 500 grams shrimps
  • 5 tbsp. butter
  • 2 tbsp Cajun seasoning
  • 2 gloves garlic
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • pinch of salt & pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Peel shrimp if needed, you can also buy pealed shrimps.
  3. Add butter, Cajun seasoning, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper to a bowl. Heat slowly, 30 seconds at a time, stirring everything together until butter is fully melted.  You can do this in the microwave bowl or in a saucepan
  4. Put shrimp on an oven safe tray and then pour Cajun butter mix over over the shrimp. Stir shrimp in the Cajun butter mix until evenly coated.
  5. Bake 10-12 minutes. You want your shrimps cooked but juicy.

These shrimps are delicious over rice, pasta or just from the BBQ. This time I choose for a creamy tagliatelle, the leftover juices of the shrimps on the baking tray I added to the pasta with heavy cream and Parmesan cheese.

You can find the original recipe: click here!

The interview with Luca Neutze from Simply Delish Eats:

Why did you choose for blogging about food instead of like lifestyle, fashion and/or travel which you also name in your About?

I started food blogging as a personal hobby to save recipes and it just grew into a thing and passion, I never really sat down and decided what type of blog I would write about. I love it because I work in the fashion industry and like to just enjoy my travels totally carefree, so food blogging allows me to write and work on something totally separate from my career and other aspects of life. Who knows what my blogging future will hold though!

What would you like to achieve with your blog?

I think I’m still figuring that out. I’m trying to take it day by day and just have fun with it. Right now I’m just enjoying it’s growth. I love connecting with people and working with the brands I collaborate with.

What is the post where you are the most proud of?

That’s a tough one. I’m proud of different ones for different reasons. I’m proud of my zucchini mac & cheese because it is my biggest viral pin people seem to love. I’m proud of my cheesy hash brown breakfast casserole because I get comments that people’s families love it and it’s become a regular recipe for them on holidays and so forth. That’s what I love, I love positively affecting others through food. I’m proud of some of my recent posts because I have been able to collaborate with some amazing brands that encourage me to bring great content to my readers and help me support my blog.

What would you like to improve on your site?

This is something I am constantly working on and improving. I want my website to always be fresh and appealing, but most of all, easy to navigate for my readers.

What is your favorite quick meal (homemade off course:)

My favorite quick meal is homemade pesto pasta. It is so yummy and fresh, and I think easier than people may assume! Sometimes I add some chicken or shrimp to get a little protein in or mix up what I put in the pesto. (Try pistachios instead of pine nuts, and add in some parsley with the basil…yum)!

Something I like to do as chef is to create new exciting dishes, experimenting flavors. I would like to make for you a ‘Luca Neutze’ signature dish: choose your favorite ingredients.. – Rice, bread, salad, pasta, potatoes – Fruits and/or veggies – Meats or fish – spices – Dressing or sauce – garnish

Well this is a lovely and awesome surprise! Some of my favorite foods are pasta dishes (I love just about all sauces, but prefer white sauces / pesto’s to red sauce) – I love rice and risottos as well. I love bread, all kinds of bread. I prefer veggies – I love onions, mushrooms, tomatoes the most. Seafood – I love lobster, crab, shrimp. Not a fan of cooked fish for the most part, but love it raw… sushi is my very favorite!. I enjoy most meats, tender is key for me (my favorites would be chicken thighs or filet mignon… oh and short ribs)! Spices – there aren’t many that I don’t like, if they add to the dish, I’m all in, and I love spicy food as well. Truffle flavor is a huge bonus for me.

I’m not sure if this is specific enough for you, I didn’t want to just pick every ingredient lol, I would love to be a bit surprised! This is seriously so cool of you to do, I can’t wait to see. If you have any questions about ingredients or anything like that just shoot me a message and I’ll answer as quick as possible! Oh and I’m allergic to mango, so no mango 😀

Wow you like almost everything could do an 7 course menu of this list lol. After reading it twice and read you love your veggies, i decided to make this your signature dish. I hope you will try to recreate this dish in the future 😉

Herb Risotto with grilled yellow & green courgette, paprika and eggplant finished with grated Parmesan cheese.


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