Cranberry sage butter

Thanksgiving sides! What else you gonna do when your Turkey is roasting in the oven, right 🙂 So when you have bread and butter normally on the table on thanksgiving you just want something special that’s why I created this flavored butter. Cranberries and sage are ingredients that so belong on the thanksgiving table. Also you can rub it on top of the turkey for some extra flavor..


  • 125gr. Butter
  • Few leaves of sage
  • Chili flakes
  • 1 clove garlic chopped
  • Handful of dried cranberry’s


  • Need the butter on room temperature so get it out the fridge in time.
  • Chop the sage and the cranberry’s
  • Mix into a bowl the butter, sage, cranberry’s, add chili flakes and garlic if you like to taste.
  • Roll down in kitchen foil and safe till you in the refrigerator till you need it. when you want to rub your turkey with it keep it on the kitchen counter you want it nice and soft to spread it out.


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